ASUS Padfone Shipment Delayed to Mid-May

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19 Apr, 2012 7:00 pm

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The ASUS Padfone went up for pre order here in Taiwan on April 4th with the promise of a April 20th release date, ASUS even had a launch event here in Taiwan to promote the release date.  Since my contract with my local carrier is up I decided to head on down to Chunghua Telecom to place my order.  This afternoon I was greeted with a text message letting me know that I would not be receiving my Padfone until mid-May. While at the Computer market yesterday I checked in with a few retailers who informed me that they would not be selling Padfone until May 11th.

Here is the rather long text message informing me of the delay:

Hello Miss, Thank-you for Preordering the ASUS Padfone. I am sorry to explain to you that the April 20th receiving date is put off to Mid-May since ASUS has delayed shipment. For the inconvenience we have a 16GB memory card as a special gift. I will contact you immediately when the Padfone has arrived.

If you’re wondering how much the Padfone will be retailing for in the US, the prices were just announced yesterday.

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  • Tactilofan

    I don’t think you should translate euros in dollars because most of the time, if a product is sold 699€ in Europe, in will be sold 699$ in the US.  So I would be more optimistic about the prices if I were you :)