Transformer Prime GPS Hardware Solution Ruins the Tablet Design

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16 Apr, 2012 3:20 pm


The ASUS Transformer Prime saga around its GPS failure carry’s on with the release of a hardware solution to overcome the lack of signal.   The first photo’s of this solution has hit the web and it’s atrocious! The Transformer Prime is a beautiful tablet and its clean lines are ruined by what looks like a growth.  Landofdroid has snagged some pics of what they say will be the official fix – a GPS add-on that connects to the Android tablet’s data port, it’s not pretty but its guaranteed to work.

Our question is how important is GPS to you on a 10 inch tablet? If it is important to you, please let us know why!! If you’re not keen on the growth, there’s always an unofficial software tweak that if having better success than the one pushed by ASUS.

Via Land of Droid, AndroidCentral

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  • David Jones

    I agree, why do you want to use a 10″ Tablet as a GPS, I have previously used my original Samsung Galaxy Tab (i.e. the original 7″) as my primary GPS device, but I now use my Samsung Galaxy Note (at 5.3″) as my everyday Phone, GPS and Phablet!

  • sola

    That looks horrid, indeed.

    Someone should tell them that if they want to properly fix a problem, it is not OK to quickly do some half-assed shit.

  • CyberGusa

     Mind that they are giving this for *free* !   While they already offered people the option to return their unit if unsatisfied.

    And it definitely works… Though connecting to the data port means you can’t use it and the keyboard dock at the same time, but you’ll usually just be using the tablet only when using the GPS.

  • Jordan Hoffman

    Anyone nerdy enough to get the transformer probably already has three other things on them that function as a gp freakin s.