ASUS Jonney Shih Announces ‘Total’ Cloud Computing Solution for Computex – iCloud Competitor For Everyone

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11 Apr, 2012 6:54 pm


At a Business Next event in Taiwan Jonney Shih, Chairman of ASUS, took the stage to give his vision of the future of technology. During his talk he discussed the importance of social, location and mobile and of course the ubiquitous cloud.  During his wrap up he made a rather unexpected announcement:

“ASUS believes in the open philosophy, we will unveil our total solution for the ubiquitous cloud computing at Computex this year”

The ASUS family of devices would benefit from a cloud solution that would automatically share content between all devices and make sharing automatic and easy.  Think, iCloud but for Windows. ASUS is already offering a bevy of online services, just take a look at the ASUS folder that came pre-installed on my ASUS UX31, you’ll see they easily have the basics for a compelling solution. There is also ASUS Vibe which is an online content store offering music games and movies.

It doesn’t seem far fetched that ASUS would be readying a solution where all your content is seamlessly available on all of your devices.  We only have a few months to find out what Jonney’s got up his sleeve.  We took a video of the presentation so if you want to hear the announcement for your self fast forward to the 18:40 mark, but just be warned you’ll be missing an inspiring talk if you do.

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