Motorola Lapdock Now Running Android 4.0 instead of Linux

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5 Apr, 2012 2:56 am

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The Motorola Lapdock is an accessory for Motorola smartphones like Atrix, it is a netbook like device that allows you to have a more robust experience by providing a desktop version of Firefox and a customized Linux operating system called Webtop.  Previously the Lapdock booted into its own OS, a secondary OS that’s preloaded to run alongside the phones Android operating system.The advantage to having this Linux based OS on the netbook like accessory was that you were given access to a full Firefox browser with support for Adobe Flash, you were also able to control and manipulate your Android smartphone in a window on the Webtop desktop.  According to Android and Me, they have ditched the Webtop OS in favor of a tablet version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Android 4.0 is the first iteration of Android that melds together’s Google’s smartphone edition (Gingerbread) and tablet edition (Honeycomb).


The Lapdock accessory did not prove successful for a few reasons, first the performance wasn’t great since the dual core CPU on the phone had to power the Android OS on the handset and the Webtop OS on the Lapdock.  This essentially left the device only useful for web browsing.  There was also a disconnect between the apps and the device, since the phone was running on Android 2.3 it didn’t have access to tablet apps, now that the phone can switch to tablet mode, the the ASUS Padfone does when docked, we will no longer experience highly pixelated apps making them alot more useful.  This is obviously the theory behind the switch, we would be keen to see how they’ve pulled it off and put it through a few test of our own.

If you’re wondering if they the desktop version of the Firefox stuck around, the answer would be no as Webtop will use Motorola’s smartphone browser.

The new version of the Webtop OS was discovered on a leaked build of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that is scheduled to be pushed out to the Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx soon for Verizon Wireless.

We are very curious to see if the new Lapdock performs better than the ASUS Transformer with it’s keyboard docking station.

Via GottabeMobile

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  • turn_self_off

    I more or less expected as much. I wonder if the next Android version will bring this ability to any device with a video out option.