HTC One X Unboxing, Benchmarks & Gaming Test

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31 Mar, 2012 1:46 am


The HTC One is about to hit the streets and we’ve been able to get our hands on for unboxing benchmarks and some gaming. To remind you the HTC One X is the new flagship phone from HTC, it comes with a monster 4.7-inch screen. Its standout feature is the 1280-by-720 Super LCD 2 screen, which is bright enough to look good in direct sunlight. The white plastic body is solid and clearly made from the highest quality materials, with a big silver bullseye on the back for the camera.

The One X runs Android 4.0 with HTC’s Sense, a software overlay that I’ve always liked but that some folks criticize as unnecessary. The hour or so I’ve spent with the phone revealed some nice features such as the settings button appearing in the notification bar. HTC’s got a few attractive widgets, including its clock widget, and some UI elements are improved, multitasking now involves flipping through a set of cards rather that the stock ICS scroll bar.

YouTube Preview Image

You’ll notice in the video that we get some ‘glitchyness’, we’re thinking that it is a matter of this particular unit since it is a demo unit over at Vodafone.

We were also able to put the HTC One X in a line up with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the LG Optimus 3D and the Samsung Galaxy SII:

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