Flexible E-Ink Display Could Hit The Streets in April

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29 Mar, 2012 11:15 pm


We’ve been seeing flexible display’s for years now but so far they have only been showcased as prototypes that will be entering the market, someday.  It looks like that day isn’t very far away as LG has announced that it has begun mass production of a 6-inch e-paper display with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.  The screen can spring back and forth by up to 40 degrees allowing for the creation of some pretty interesting products.  The display is only 0.7mm thick and is covered with a protective film identical to that found on a mobile phone. The product is meant to be so rugged that LG had no problem dropping from 1.5m or 5 foot or smacking it with a rubber mallet.  Makes sense it is made of e-paper which by nature is static to would be resistant to those tests, they would have to bend in a machine thousands of times for me to be impressed about durability.

The plastic display is apparently already shipping to Chinese manufacturers to start production of e-readers, which means that we may be seeing them in Europe as soon as the end of April.

Via Blogeee , The Verge source INEWS24

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