Is the new iPad Actually Faster Than the iPad2?

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25 Mar, 2012 3:50 pm


When Apple releases a new product you assume that it’s going to be faster than the previous generations, especially when they take the existing A5 processor and add and X to the end. CNET decided to run some tests to see just how much improvement the new iPad has over the iPad 2. They checked out a 16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and put it up against the new iPad with 4G and a 32 GB of storage capacity.

They ran the two tablets through a series of tests including boot time, iMovie export from the 720p front and rear cams, iMovie export from the rear cam in 1080p, Game load time on Puzzlejuice, Real Racing 2 HD, Flip Ship, and App download time for Cut the Rope HD Lite. The new iPad did in fact come out ahead in terms of speed over the iPad 2, however, I wouldn’t say that it blew the iPad 2 out of the water since the differences weren’t actually substantial. In fact for some tasks, it took the same amount of time or longer.

If you’re seriously considering getting the new iPad I’d be sure to check out CNETs full performance review before you do.

Via cnet

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  • my view

    Without Steve Jobs looking over them, Apple will soon lose ( if it has not already) its winning edge, ie obsession with perfection. Just look at iphone 4S, now “new” ipad.
    I am not impressed.

    The breathtaking magic is gone, kaput

  • sola

    I agree. They could only keep up their status as the “coolest” (and their price-level) if they continually innovate and they are always ahead of the others.

    This is not the case with the new iPad.
    I believe, you are better off with a Transformer Prime (for the most usecases) than an iPad3.

    I certainly wouldn’t put off with a tablet which is often warm.  Having a cool, fanless device is a primary requirement for choosing a tablet over a netbook. With that gone, the appeal of the iPad3 is heavily degraded (for me anyway).

    My HP TouchPad also has thermal issues (often warmer than lukewarm), mostly after long Youtube/Flash sessions or recharging (not to the extent of the iPad3). However, that was a $200 purchase, not a $500 one so it is more tolerable.