Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 Shown on Samsung’s Own Site? Update: Fake

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28 Mar, 2012 12:45 am

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Looks like someone has been playing around with Photoshop and the 11.6 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab has been altered from a stock photo which originally showed an iPad.


Source: Photononstop Stock Images viavia AndroidCommunity via MobiTest / UPDATE

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 is a rumor started by Jonathan Geller of BGR who first reported on the device back in December.  At CES in January there was a prototype device kicking around, but there is actually no evidence suggesting that this product will ever come to market.  Android and Me came across this rather interesting picture of an unreleased tablet, hidden on Samsung’s own site.

Do you think that this is  photo of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6?

Samsung via Androidandme via

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  • fooball

    It struck me as looking like an Ipad the first time I saw it. Looked more like a 4:3 than a 16:10 slate. Plus….rumor has it that the Samsung device will have a thin bezel, which this one does not.