Android SDK Adds Native X86 Support & Experimental Multitouch

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22 Mar, 2012 8:43 pm


Back in December Google released Android 4.0.1 for x86 chipsets, the Android X86 initiative has been in the works for a while and its good to know that any Intel tablets or Smartphones  will be able to run Ice Cream Sandwich.  We now have news that the Android SDK was updated to revision 17 earlier today, bringing with it the usual sort of bug fixes (for Lint) and adding performance improvements to the emulator for x86 Windows or OSX machines.  Since we are starting to see Android smartphones running on X86 hit the market we’re please to see that they’ve added webcam support and sensor emulation as well as experimental support for Multi-Touch input through a tethered Android device.

It’s also worth noting that previously the Android emulator was a bit sluggish but now, thanks to Intel’s contributions to AOSP, the emulator runs at native speed.

Android has committed to both Intel and AMD that they will be porting their popular OS on to both architectures.

Source Android Developer via Phandroid

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