Intel Medfield Orange Smartphone Browser Benchmarks

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8 Mar, 2012 11:13 pm


At Mobile World Congress last week we got to spend some hands on time with the Orange Smartphone which will be released in France this coming June.  This week at CeBit a good friend of Netbook News, Caschy from Caschys Blog spent some intimate time along with the device as he was able to grab some browser benchmarks!  He ran two Rightware & Vellamo.

Rightware, recently spun off from Futuremark, has ‘Browsermark’ benchmark which measures a browser’s performance in JavaScript and HTML rendering. The test results are reported in numbers. If you want a reference point  the ‘Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ has the highest reported browsermark score of 98272. The iPhone 4S comes in at 87801 so the Intel Medfied handset is actually ahead of Apple’s device as it scores 89180.

The second test is by Vellamo by Qualcomm which is a suite of 11 separate benchmarks dedicated to evaluating and testing all the various hardware and software subsystems a mobile browser depends on. Things like HTML, javascript, pixel blending, screen scrolling, sun-spider, V8 and more all into 1 massive test.

As you can see the Orange handset based off of Intel’s reference design didn’t stand up too badly again both tablets and smartphones.  We do realize that benchmarks are often no way to really know how well a device will perform and that people do become a little obsessed with number crunching.  Regardless we’re glad to see these test results and look forward to checking out some more CPU intensive benchmarks, but for now we’ll have to settle for these.

Via Caschys Blog

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