Touchscreen Ultrabook Reference Design Hands on at CeBit 2012

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7 Mar, 2012 1:26 am


Intel has been talking about their next generation of Ultrabooks and touch screens have been a big part of that world.  Today at their press event at CeBit they showed off a reference design for a touch screen Ultrabook and as you can tell from the video below it looks gorgeous.  They showed off Zinio which is an an app for reading magazines, we were easily able to flip through pages as well as interact with the page content.

Along side the notion that Ultrabooks would come touch enabled we should also expect to see hybrid tablet designs where the Ultrabook becomes your tablet.  It is clear that if Intel wants to carve out a market for them selves and compete against traditional form factor notebooks they are going to have to add value.  It also makes sense for the OEMs who are lagging in sales to head toward touch since Windows’s 8 Metro UI is so touch friendly it makes sense for Ultrabooks to look to leverage that feature to drive sales since they are the new category on the block.

Below you’ll find a 13.3 inch reference design from Intel running Windows 7.

YouTube Preview Image

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