How To Install A Pixel Qi Screen On Your Netbook

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8 Jul, 2010 5:54 pm



As we saw earlier, Mary Lou had delivered on her promise and finally put up a batch of Pixel Qi display kits for purchase over at Maker Shed. The first batch of $275 screens either sold like hotcakes or there just wasn’t that many selling because stock ran out quickly.

Now comes the part where we wait for all the hackers to show off their shiny new Pixel Qi kits on their netbooks. First, we saw the Samsung N135 compared with a Kindle and the other day there was an Acer Aspire One (with Flickr photos) fitted with the display and compared with an OLPC XO 1.5 notebook which sports a slightly older version of the Pixel Qi technology.

And most recently, a semi guide on how to install a Pixel Qi display in your netbook – in this case on one of the more recent Acer Aspire One netbooks. If you’ve never taken a screen out this is definitely worth a look – Makemagazine does the switch in under 10 minutes.

I’d love to try one myself but you know.. the cost is really too much. Anyone going to buy one? Head on over to MakerShed to preorder.

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