4G LTE Upgrade Program for Motorola XOOM Tablets Ends March 31

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6 Mar, 2012 6:00 am


Motorola unwisely shipped out original XOOM tablets without 4G LTE support despite the fact that the tablets have the cellular components inside. However, they made good by offering a free program for Xoom owners to send their tablets in to get the 4G upgrade. Turnaround times now are much lower — around 4 days — than they were when the program first started.

Now that a year has passed, the 4G upgrade program is coming to an end, on March 31. If you’re at all interested in having 4G connectivity (it’d probably be better for resale value at the very least), get yourself to the upgrade page on Verizon’s site now. It’s hard to imagine that there are many XOOM tablet users left who haven’t done the upgrade yet, but you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the rush if there happens to be a huge group of stragglers.

Via Phandroid

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