Samsung Slim Stick – Is it a Pen or a Bluetooth Phone?

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6 Mar, 2012 12:54 am


Samsung has come out with a device that makes us ask the question, is it a pen? or is it a phone? Clearly the Samsung Slim Stick has a bit of an identity crisis since there is no chance its a pen, but as a bluetooth headset it clearly has nothing to do with your ear except for the fact that you hold it there when you talk. The HM5000 (the product number of the slim stick) sits in your pocket awaiting a call rather than being jammed in your ear. When one arrives it can emit an audio alert or vibrate, where upon you may answer the call like a handset. The advantages clearly aren’t a handsfree experience, so you can rule this one out for the car. The upside is a slim, slender and light weight device that you can stick in your shirt’s front pocket or clip it to your collar.

Just in case you’re wondering what other products make us ask similar questions about their purpose, we think that Jonney Shih, chairman of ASUS asked when announcing the Padfone, Is is a tablet? Is it a Phone? Here is that video in case you missed it!

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