ASUS Eee PC 1025C Up for Pre-Order on Amazon for $299

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3 Mar, 2012 11:48 pm


The ASUS 1025C is one of the top Cedar Trail Netbooks about to hit the market, we’ve just spotted it on Amazon for Pre-Order for $299. This Cedar Trail-based netbook is running the 1.66GHz N2800 processor under its 10.1″ screen and also has a slightly higher spec 1.83GHz N2800 processors. With a 6-cell battery you’ll get 12 hours of use and an estimated 21 days of standby time.

It’s also comes with HDMI, USB 3.0 ports with a 500GB HDD along with WiFi and Bluetooth. Its going to weigh in at 1.25kg and measure in at 262 x 178 x 20.7 ~ 34.4 mm.

We are big fans of the ASUS SeaShell line up of netbooks, the deisgn and build quallity are among the best in the buisiness. Check out our hands on video below if you want a closer look we’ve got our hands on video here.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Sebastian Schulwitz

    720p HD Display???

  • CyberGusa

     No, most netbooks are still using 1024×600 screens.  Since HD screens are still developing and the 1024×600 screens are still cheaper option.  It’s likely we won’t be seeing many HD screens in the 10″ space for netbooks until Windows 8 comes out.

    Metro requiring a minimum of 1366×720 for features like snap for example will force a higher demand for HD resolution.

    The specifications in this article are also off…  First they meant N2600 for the 1025C, some places it may come with N2800 but usually that will be for the 1025CE model instead.  The Clock speed of the N2600 is also 1.6GHz and not 1.66GHz.

    Right now only the N2800 version will come with USB 3.0 and Bluetooth.  The Asus models will be using a combo WiFi/Bluetooth half size card.

    A possible issue with the N2800 though is it seems Asus has decided to use Soldered RAM.  So you’ll be stuck with the RAM it comes with, which with Windows 7 Starter Edition means being stuck with 1GB of RAM.

    The N2600 though will still have the RAM SO-DIMM slot but unlike the N2800 (which supports up to 4GB) you can only upgrade to 2GB of RAM.

    Asus is including a special utility called “Instant On” that will leverage some of the new power saving features of Cedar Trail for up to 21 days of standby with the six cell battery and as fast as 2 second wake up time from standby, but that may require a SSD instead of HDD as early reviews seem to show it taking up to 7 seconds.

    Though internal images of the new systems seem to indicate a possible space for a full size Mini PCIe card that may be for a mSATA or PCI Express type SSD.  Intel’s push towards mobility is basically starting to push the advantages of SSDs and may be included as a performance enhancing feature, at least in future versions.

    The hard drive shortage that’s raising prices is another factor that’s helping to push SSDs, along with the increase usage of both mobile devices and even Ultrabooks is creating a bigger market for SSDs that’s helping to accelerate the normal price reductions over time.