Ubuntu for Android: Desktop in Your Pocket Prototype Hands On Video

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26 Feb, 2012 10:50 pm


Turning your phone into a desktop computer has been an ambition of many handset makers for years,Motorola has their Webdock and ASUS is coming out with the Padfone.

Canonical’s Ubuntu for Android takes a different approach by seamlessly integrate Android with the Linux-based Ubuntu distribution. Your device will at first glace look like a typical Android handset with all the apps. Ubuntu is carefully tucked away and only surfaces once it’s been slid into a dock that connects to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The installation basically gives you two devices in one: an Android phone while on the go, and a Ubuntu desktop when plugged in.

Canonical has released a video of the new set up in action, we have to admit, we wouldn’t mind having this on our phone. Now all we are left to do is wait and see which manufacturer picks it up.

Via Engadget

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