NOOK Tablet In-Store Tech Support to Offer Free Internal Memory Repartition

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22 Feb, 2012 8:00 am


While Barnes & Noble touted the NOOK Tablet‘s 16 GB internal memory against the Amazon Kindle Fire‘s 8 GB internal memory, what most didn’t know at first was that only 1 GB of the internal memory could be used for user media. The majority of the NOOK Tablet’s internal memory was reserved for digital content bought from the NOOK Store.

Of course, there’s always the external memory card slot for users to store their own content, but some users cried foul anyway. If you’re tech savvy, you could root your NOOK Tablet and repartition its internal memory yourself, or install a custom ROM which would also end up repartitioning the internal memory, in addition to providing a more “pure” Android experience.

However, now Barnes and Noble is offering to repartition the 16 GB NOOK Tablet’s internal memory for free if you bring it in to your local B & N bookstore, starting mid-March:

If you want to re-configure the internal memory of your NOOK Tablet-16GB for additional personal storage, you need to visit your local Barnes & Noble on or after 3/12/12 for help in doing so.

The above is some fine print on the official NOOK Tablet page. The 8 GB NOOK Tablet isn’t mentioned above, but considering it was just officially released today, perhaps they forgot to update this page to include it.

So if you’re happy with your NOOK Tablet as is, but wish for more internal memory so you don’t have to mess with an external card, this is your best bet.

Via Liliputing

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