Intel Medfield Z2610 Chipset Heading to Tablets

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21 Feb, 2012 8:00 pm

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Intel’s Medfield chipsets are heading to mobile devices and back at IDF in September we heard about the Atom Z2460 which was was designed specifically for Smartphones. VR-Zone has gotten wind of the next Medfield CPU, the Atom Z2610 which is targeting tablets.

According to LG the two chipsets are virtually identical except for one minor detail the Z2460 only operates at 1.3GHz in general, with the 1.6GHz clock speed being a burst state, i.e. it would only reach this speed during very short periods of time, just like when a desktop or notebook CPU goes into Turbo mode. It’s very possible that the Atom Z2610 will run at 1.6GHz at all times due to the fact that it’s easier to cool a chip in a tablet compared to a phone.

There is a great deal of technical details using clock speeds and power draw that lend further support to the Z2610 heading towards tablets. You can check out VR-Zone for those details however, we feel that a tablet chipset was the next logical step for Intel, they haven’t exactly been shy about going claiming compatibility Android. Fudzilla has also released information that Intel has a reference tablet known as Red Ridge which is running the Atom Z2610.

Mobile World Congress is only a few day’s away and we’ve been told to expect big things from Intel, a tablet CPU would qualify.

Via VR-Zone

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