Android 4.0 on Nokia N9 Demoed, Dual-Boot Solution with MeeGo In Progress

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10 Feb, 2012 8:30 am


A project to get Android 4.0 running on the Nokia N9, called Nitdroid, continues to make progress. This photo posted on Twitter shows a tantalizing look at an Android 4.0 home screen on the N9:

While the overall project isn’t near completion yet, developer Alexey Roslyakov was able to get past a significant problem, which lead to the picture tweeted above. And don’t worry, MeeGo Harmattan enthusiasts, Roslyakov is working to make the end-product a dual-boot solution to preserve the original OS.

Though the N9 was never officially released in the US, it can be found online at various retailers. Amazon has some available with starting prices between $440 and $480 USD.

Hit up the discussion thread at for more details.

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