Sony Tablet S Now Rootable

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9 Feb, 2012 6:00 am

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Until now, it seems the Sony Tablet S has been resistant to methods of gaining root access. A security researcher, Dan Rosenberg, found a way to work around the security on the Tablet S and root the device.

Not only that, but he also posted an interesting article on how he methodically figured out the work around. A link to a Windows script to automatically gain root access is downloadable from his site, but I’d recommend taking a few minutes to read up on how he created the exploit. It’s a fascinating and accessible read for people interested in how modders do what they do.

What do you gain from rooting your Tablet S? You can install a utility like Titanium Backup, and access files or settings normally hidden from the user. There are a few utilities in the Android Market that only work on rooted devices. But this is also an important first step towards installing custom ROMs on the Tablet S, like CyanogenMod 9. It’ll be interesting to see how long it’ll take developers in the CyanogenMod team or others on the XDA or RootzWiki forums to come out with a custom ROM for the Tablet S.

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