Chrome for Android Beta Test on Tablets

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8 Feb, 2012 5:45 pm


Chrome has finally released its browser for Android and as you would expect, it works very similarly to the desktop version. So far this release is only for Android 4.0 devices, which sadly is around 1% of the market.

Once you get into the details you’ll find that there’s an omnibox at the top of the screen where you enter URLs or search terms. However, Google has added some accelerated page browsing so that as you’re entering a URL, it predicts what webpage you will choose and loads it in the background. By the time the URL is typed in, most, if not all, of the webpage is already loaded. It also predicts search terms, just as the desktop version does.

You can also sync Chrome tabs and bookmarks from your desktop to your phone or tablet if you sign in with the same Chrome login on your desktop. And speaking of tabs, on a phone you can swipe left or right to switch tabs. On a tablet, open tabs fill the screen as they would on the desktop.

We’ve decided to test it on our Transformer Prime as it the first Android 4.0 on the market and we ran the SunSpider Benchmark on the new Chrome Beta, Android, Dolphine HD, Opera and the native Android browser.

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re after the results here they are:

If you’re a lucky Android 4.0 user, you can head on over to the Android Market now to test out the Chrome browser.

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