Intel & AMD Mobile Offerings Can’t Compete with ARM’s Pricing

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8 Feb, 2012 8:00 pm


ARM has emerged the big chip player on the block as they’re sitting pretty heading into 2012 with market share in smartphones and tablets.  According to a notebook maker close to Digitimes things aren’t going to change as Intel and AMD aren’t able to compete in terms of pricing.

Intel debuted 32nm-based Medfield processors with power consumption reduced to 11W to match Android 4.0 in January 2012 and will launch Atom processors with power consumption of less than 10W specifically for use in smartphones and tablet PCs in the second half of 2012, the sources indicated. In addition, Intel will keep upgrading manufacturing processes, with Atom processors to be progressively based on 32nm Saltwell, 22nm Silvermont and 14nm Airmont.

At Computex in June AMD will be releasing Hondo, an APU with power consumption of less than 5W specifically for tablet PCs.  It seems that even with competitive chips coming  to market they aren’t in the right price bracket to compete with ARM in 2013.

Via Digitimes

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  • Anonymous

    You should really be more careful about regurgitating junk news.  The Intel Medfield Z2460 max TDP doesn’t go above 4W, they could never even attempt to compete in the Smartphone market at 10W, which for the Cedar Trail ATOM is the TDP range for the nettop D-Series that you won’t even see used in anything smaller than 11.6″ netbooks. 

    And what in the world do you think TDP has to do with Android 4?

    The only thing they got right is Intel and AMD still cost more but everything else was junk! 

    ARM is cheaper, but this ignores all that still separates what to expect from ARM and x86/x64.  Neither are completely overlapping what the other offers.

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