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8 Feb, 2012 10:19 am


Chrome has finally arrived on Android, even if it is still in Beta and only available on Ice Cream Sandwich it has some pretty cool features.  It’s clear that Chrome attempts to create a unified user linking the desktop to mobile devices, so bookmarks – and, soon, passwords – will be synced between a PC and any other device on which users log in to the same Google account.

The mobile version of Chrome echoes the desktop version’s emphasis on speed, as well as on tabs that allow users to open multiple Web pages at the same time.

There is one feature that is pretty cool that hasn’t been getting much love and that’s the “Chrome to Mobile” capability. The feature allows you to wirelessly Beam a Web page from your PC to your tablet or phone, and it even provides the option for you to view it offline when it arrives on your device.

If you don’t know where to look for it, you might miss it completely .  You’ll first need to first find and install the Chrome to Mobile extension on your desktop Chrome browser. Once installed a small phone icon will appear at the right of your browser’s address bar.

When you want to send a Web page from your computer to your phone or tablet, all you have to do is click that icon. A dialog box will pop up that lets you pick which device you want to use (assuming you have more than one Android device connected — like a phone and a tablet, for example). The box will also give you an option to make the Web page available for offline viewing on your mobile device. Neat!

The Chrome browser’s visually striking feature is the tab browser, which actually reminds us a lot about Windows Phone 7 arranges multiple emails.  What makes the organization system cool is that when you hit the number next to your URL bar – or “Omnibox” as Google has taken to calling it – you’ll see several cards appear. These cards are your tabs, and can be accessed by tapping, destroyed by swiping, and pushed apart or together – the coolness of this increased by your ability to turn on Tilt Scrolling. This appears to use gravity but actually uses your accelerometer in your device to make the cards appear to move on their own when you tilt your device.

Chrome Beta is available on the Android Market right this minute for free, [download it instantly] for your Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above device.

Via ComputerWorld

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