Nokia Lumia 800 Coming to US on Valentine’s Day in Extravagantly Expensive Bundle

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8 Feb, 2012 7:00 am


Though we’ve reported that the Lumia 900 is coming to AT&T some time soon, likely in March, for an unknown price, at the time that news came out, there was no definite news on if or when the Lumia 900 would be released in the US. But today we’ve found out that the Lumia 800 is coming to the US on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, in a strangely expensive bundle.

Microsoft Stores will be selling an unlocked Lumia 800 bundled with a Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth speaker, a Bluetooth headset, and Nokia Purity HD stereo headphones. The total cost of the bundle? A whopping $899 USD!

If you were to buy the unlocked Lumia 800 plus all of the accessories, it would possibly cost you around $900, perhaps a little less if you found some really good deals. However, the strange thing is that reportedly the Lumia 800 will only be sold in this bundle through Microsoft Stores for the time being. There is no other way to get the Lumia 800 in the US.

With the Lumia 710 at $50 or less on-contract, and the Lumia 900 rumored to be $99 on-contract, this pricing is crazy-expensive. Since the majority of the bundle cost is from the unlocked Lumia 800, you wouldn’t even get too much of the $900 back by reselling the accessories. But if you were already in the market for a Lumia 800 and all of these extras, perhaps this deal would be up your alley.

Via WMPowerUser, Source: The Verge

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