Nokia Out of Ideas? Lumia 801 A Lumia 800 Clone Running Symbian

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7 Feb, 2012 10:30 pm


We all rolled our eyes when Nokia released the Lumia 900 and it was pretty much the chassis of the 800 with a few minor changes.  It seems that a company once known for design is tired and out of ideas as images have been released of a Lumia 801.  That would be the exact same design as the Lumia 800, actually…that would be the exact same design as the MeeGo handset the N9.  That means they will have used the same phone design for 4 different phones they could technically go up to 7 if they wanted to try to port RIMs QNX OS, Android and WebOS.

This knock off of the N9 & Lumia 800 odes have a few differences, it has a 4 inch screen with 640 x 360 pixels, 12 megapixel camera, and it will be the first Symbian device that can record 1080p video. Under the hood there’s a 1.4 GHz processor paired up with 512 MB of RAM, though we have no idea if it’s going to be the same 1.4 GHz processor in the Lumia 800 that’s made by Qualcomm or an overclocked version of the 1 GHz processor inside the Nokia 701.

It looks like Nokia is trying to get the most out of every product, I wonder if they’ll give reworking the N8 a go, it does after all arguably have the best camera on the market.  The Lumia 800 is meant to be their flagship device, does it make sense to release a version with what is quickly becoming an obscure operating system? Actually it doesn’t even jive with other rumors that we’ve been hearing.

Word on the street is that Nokia is in fact throwing in the towel on Symbian all together, except for one device which is meant to succeed the N8. Clearly this would not be that device.  In mid December 2011 an image from a product manual of an unreleased Symbian smartphone called the Nokia 803 was leaked and it looks a lot like the N8.  What we might have here with the Lumia 801 is prototype image rendering that may or may not ever see the light of day.  But it doesn’t even make sense for them to entertain the idea…unless they really don’t have any others!

Via IntoMobile

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