Corning Concpet Video Shows Off the Future with Transparent Tablets

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6 Feb, 2012 10:28 am

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We love concept videos a sneak peak into what the future holds for those who actually have the power to shape it, Microsoft has released a few that we hope will come true, Corning has released another conpet video of how they see their technology shaping the future. Not surprisingly they see transparent display’s everywhere, in smartphones, tablets, and car displays,but they also show off super-sized touchscreens that go as large as classroom walls and even the entire fences around nature parks.

There aren’t any indications of what unannounced  technology they might be working on since everything in the video merely expands on what they have already announced. We’ve already seen electrochromic glass that can change its tint, high-bandwidth optical connections for large displays, photovoltaics for solar panels, and optical connections that make very large screens possible.

We know that moving from concept to reality is a process with many great idea’s left unfulfilled but we still love hoping that our lives will have huge display’s with multi-touch gestures used to swipe content between devices, oh and way more augmented reality!

Via Android Community

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