More Spark Linux Tablet Details Available, Pre-Order February, Shipping in May for $265

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4 Feb, 2012 5:35 am


Just a few days ago we reported on a 7-inch, Linux-based tablet called the Spark that would be available “soon” at a decent price of $265 USD. More details have been released about the hardware and software the device will be running, as well as a release time frame.

Apparently, the Spark is a rebranded version of this Chinese tablet called the Zenithink C-71.

A more detailed Q&A has been posted for people interested in purchasing the Spark. Originally we weren’t sure what the resolution of the 7-inch screen was. Now we know it’s an okay 800 x 480. There’s a 1.3 MP front-facing camera for video chat. Other specs we reported before:

  • 1 GHz AMLogic processor with 512 MB RAM, and  Mali 400 GPU
  • 4 GB internal storage, expandable by microSD card slot
  • Wi-Fi support

Mer, a community-based version of MeeGo Linux will be running on the Spark. KDE Plasma Active will be the UI layer on top of Mer. All of this software is open-source. The goal is to make Spark as open as possible so that users can mold the tablet into whatever they want.

The Q&A mentions that the Spark is not based on an Android kernel, but if a user is so inclined, it could be loaded onto the tablet:

Q: Does Spark use the Android kernel?
A: No, for a few reasons ranging from legal to practical. While you can install Android on the device, we’re very happy to support the Mer community and overjoyed with the support we’ve received from them in return.

Q: Can I run Android applications on the Spark tablet?
A: Not currently. (Though, of course, you could decide to install Android on it yourself.) It is theoretically possible to package a Dalvik runtime for Plasma Active and make it available on the Spark. No one has attempted this yet, but it would make for a killer project.

Pre-orders for the device are starting next week, and the devices are slated to ship in May, price is still expected to be $265 USD or €200.

Via Liliputing

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