Intoxicase and Intoxicase Plus iPhone 4/4S Cases at Macworld 2012

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1 Feb, 2012 8:00 am


I got a chance to check out the Macworld 2012 exhibit hall at Moscone West, which, as you can imagine, is filled with various iDevice accessories and mobile apps, as well as (to a lesser degree) Mac software and services. One fun iPhone 4/4S case that caught my eye was the Intoxicase, which has a built-in bottle opener. So beer-drinking iPhone owners will never be without a bottle opener again! :)

It’s a funny concept that some of you might think is a little too silly, but having gone on trips where we forgot to pack a bottle opener and had to buy a cheap one from the grocery store, I can see the appeal.

Anyway, there are two versions of the case — the Intoxicase, which has the sort of bulbous bottle opener attachment always available (the so-called “bartender’s case”), and the Intoxicase Plus, which has a slick folding bottle opener mechanism that can sit flat when not needed.

The company behind the Intoxicase, Spicebox, has also developed a free iOS app that’s in the iTunes App Store right now. It can keep track of how many beers you’ve opened with the Intoxicase and from that estimate how buzzed or drunk you are. You can share each bottle opening with your friends on Twitter or Facebook (of course). If you input more data about the beers you’re drinking, like the different brands, you can see all that data collected in the beer log tab. The app also has a parking spot finder as well as a list of taxi companies to call if you’ve had one too many.

Our smartphones have already replaced a lot of things for many of us — watch, camera, media player, even computer. Now with the Intoxicase it could replace our bottle opener (or bottle opener keychain). The Intoxicase retails for $35, and the Intoxicase Plus is $45, both available now at

Check out our first look video from Macworld below.

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