Acer to Merge Netbook & Ultrabook Category

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31 Jan, 2012 4:00 pm


Acer had an opening ceremony yesterday and commemorate the beginning of the lunar new year and chairman JT Wang they had a few new years resolutions to announce.  This year Acer will no longer be defending its position in the market and warns that they will be on the attack.  They are going to be moving aggresively in the Ultrabook, Notebook, Tablet & Smartphone categories.

The first question we asked was, ‘What about Netbooks?’ I mean they hold the top slot in terms of sales numbers. It appears that Acer also believes in the over all mobile computing category and will be merging the Netbooks with the Ultrabook category over the next 18-24 months.

Acer is planning being the most aggressive about ultrabooks.  We can expect to see four new models in the second quarter and the third quarter with $699-799 USD pricing.

Tablets are also high on Acer’s list and since Amazon has the bottom and Apple the top, they’re going to focus on the mid range with their tablets coming in the $299-499.  They expect that this category has a shipment scale of about 10-20 million units.

In the year of the Dragon, President Jim Wong notes that Acer will no longer compete through price and will now focus on user experience and demand.

Via Digitimes

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