Tegra 3 VS TI OMAP – Notion Ink Explains Why They left Nvidia

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30 Jan, 2012 2:38 pm


The Notion Ink Adam wasn’t exactly the most popular tablet on the market, but it did capture the heart of geeks because of its use of cutting edge technology like the Pixel Qi screen. The next generation Adam tablet has been announced and it’s running the TI OMAP processor over the Nvidia Tegra 3 which is also available. The Notion Ink guys have been kind enough to give us some insight into their thought process on why they’ve chosen to go with the Texas Instrument processor.

They give us insight into switching from an NVIDIA Tegra chip in its first Adam Slate to a TI OMAP solution. According to the blog, while theoretical performance marks are nice, the company decided its expertise and that of available programmers would let it squeeze the most out of a Texas Instruments chip, as opposed to its first effort that didn’t “fully utilize” the power of Tegra.

It’s an interesting read if you want to read it in its entirety.

Via Engadget

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