Want Two SIM Cards in your iPhone 4? 2Phone Case can Help You

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30 Jan, 2012 8:37 am


If you spend a lot of time traveling then you’ll appreciate a phone that has two SIM card slots, getting that local SIM card with data can makes a real difference to your quality of life. I carry around two handsets or often turn my Taiwan mobile off and opt for a strictly local experience. I spend so much time country hopping that I’ve actually trained most people contact me through my social networks. Sadly this solution won’t help me out with data, it’s only good for phone calls or if you really really want to use a full size SIM card.

But for those of you who just can’t give up your home number and you’ve got an iPhone 4 you can have it all 2Phone case allows you to pop a SIM card into the case and your iPhone 4 recognizes it.

The Simore 2Phone adapter looks a lot like a battery pack case and it’s scratch proof and shockproof to boot. Once the 2Phone Dual Standby SIM adapter is attached, you’ll be able to see both SIM cards signal strength on your iPhone’s display.

There are a few hiccups, you’ll need to have a jailbroken iPhone 4, and you’ll need to install the 2Phone software. Like I mentioned there is no data so it’s an old school phone experience on your handset, however, if you managed to pick up a local SIM and cut it down to a Micro SIM and have an adapter bumping your original micro SIM up to a full size you could swap them around and have the best of both worlds. Sadly there is no solution for those of your sporting an iPhone 4S.

Via ChipChick

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  • Mubarak Aljawder

    2phone confirmed to me by email that it doesn’t need jailbreak or software to install for my iPhone 4S. Before they ship the device, I asked them several times to cancel the order if it needs jailbbreak. They disregards my cancellation emails and send the item. When I received early in 2013, I discovered it needs jailbreak, but was not available for iPhone 4S at that time. Only on February 2013 jailbreak was released. I jailbroke the iPhone and install the software, but disappointed to find out the software always exiting and not responding most of the time. I contacted 2phone but they are not responding. I lost nearly USD 100.00
    This device is waste of money.

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