Ubuntu Linux on the ASUS Eee Pad Prime Transformer [Video]

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27 Jan, 2012 4:41 pm

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The guys wearing Red Hats have been busy porting Ubuntu Linux on to the ASUS Transformer Prime!  Zedomax over on the XDA Forums has created a step-by-step tutorial which explains how to install Ubuntu on the Transformer Prime. Due to limitations of VNC, which is used to connect to Ubuntu from within Android, the GUI is quite slow, but the command-line shell interface is working very well, helped in no small part by the quad-core processor found in the Prime which makes it run much faster than on a Samsung Galaxy Tab, as the dev notes.

YouTube Preview Image

However, you can get a lot done in shell – like, say, running a web server in the background, or even compiling Android kernels right from the Android tablet, if you want the dirty details on how to get it running on your Transformer Prime check out the forum thread here.

Via NetbookNews.de Source XDA Developers

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  • Anonymous

    I hope to see full working Ubuntu soon on the prime. I’m considering to buy it as ultrabook. I need an ultraportable with IPS display, to use with Gimp and as video preview machine. Not a single laptop offers decent hardware for this.