RIM Looking to Be Bought Out, Hopefully By Samsung (Update: Samsung Says “Not Interested”)

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18 Jan, 2012 9:20 am


UPDATE: Apparently Samsung wants to quash any rumors of them possibly buying RIM. A company spokesperson told Reuters that they have not “considered acquiring the firm and are not interested.” As a result, RIM’s stock dropped about 5% in after-hours trading.

Via Android Central

Research In Motion has reportedly been looking to license their software to other companies, but are more leaning towards a complete buyout. According to Boy Genius Report’s sources, Samsung is atop the list of RIM’s preferred buyers.

What’s in it for Samsung? Samsung is wildly popular and successful already. Do they really need RIM’s assets to break into other categories like the enterprise? I admit I’m just a lowly tech blogger, so I may not be seeing the whole picture, but I just don’t see much value that RIM can offer Samsung.

BlackBerry Messenger USED to be something that RIM’s customers absolutely loved about their phones, but there are tons of similar services out there now, like iMessage, WhatsApp, and even Samsung’s own ChatON service. So many BlackBerry users have abandoned ship for iOS and Android devices because the presence of BBM just isn’t enough anymore. Additionally, the Playbook isn’t doing well at all; though for some reason RIM thinks it’s done well enough to announce 2 new PlayBook devices at Mobile World Congress next month (really?).

The other arena in which RIM used to dominate was the enterprise market. But there are reports now that even though Apple doesn’t really actively support all the enterprise-level features that companies like RIM, HP, Lenovo, and Dell do, iDevices continue to climb in popularity among business users. So again, does Samsung need any of RIM’s enterprise level features in order to compete in the enterprise space? I personally think not.

Is there something obvious I’m missing here? Perhaps certain patents RIM has could be beneficial to Samsung, perhaps in their ongoing legal battles with Apple, but I feel like I’m giving RIM too much of the benefit of the doubt.

Via Boy Genius Report

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