Some ASUS Transformer Prime Owners Seeing Issues Upgrading to Android 4.0

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18 Jan, 2012 6:45 am


Some ASUS Transformer Prime owners are running into an issue when their tablets try to go through the over-the-air update process for Android 4.0.

Devices with certain serial numbers get an “unknown serial number” error and fail to update to Android 4.0. A technical marketing manager from ASUS named Gary Key, posted a thread on XDA Developers Forum to let the community know that ASUS have replicated the problem and is working on a solution.

He posted a workaround where people should factory reset their devices then leave them connected to a Wi-Fi network for at least 15 minutes so that the Transformer Prime can sync up with ASUS’s servers to try to update again. However many responding in the thread mentioned that the workaround wasn’t successful for them.

In addition to the ICS upgrade problem, there are a couple other major issues that were listed on XDA Developers’s site: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth fallout issues, and random lock-ups after a successful ICS update. See their page for more details. These are also issues that ASUS are aware of and are contacting certain XDA Developers Forum members to help resolve.

While it’s unfortunate that Transformer Prime members are experiencing these issues, it’s quite admirable that ASUS are working directly with the community via XDA Developers Forum to resolve the problems. Other companies should follow in ASUS’s footsteps.

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