Will.I.am Embarked on a Global Ultrabook Project to Help Inner City Kids

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11 Jan, 2012 1:08 pm

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Will.I.Am is invited on stage to introduce the Ultrabook Project. It’s a creative campaign where he tours 12 countries, creates 12 songs, and engages in 12 philanthropic ventures to help inner city communities. All of this will be done using just an Ultrabooks, Will.i.am hope this will reinforce the notion that technology can amplify the creativity of the music industry.

“Today, it’s the Ultrabook and this is the new ghetto-blaster,” Will.i.am said, holding an Ultrabook up to his ear.

It looks like mutimedia is going to be a hot topic for Ultrabooks with Intel AppUp! getting G-Mo by Technicolor. M-GO has a state-of-the-art discovery engine that quickly and painlessly gets consumers the content that they want to watch when they want it. Where this app works out perfectly with Intel’s new direction, is that M-GO can also be used with smart phones or connected tablet as a premium second- screen experience, when watching TV.

“Technicolor is at the intersection of content creation and distribution, and I strongly believe M-GO is the future of digital content discovery and delivery,” said Frederic Rose, CEO of Technicolor. “It is exciting to see M-GO remiering at CES. Stay tuned for more great things to come.”

If you want to check out Will.i.am explaining how the Ultrabook Project works, check out the video below.

Video Via UltrabookNews.com

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