Gadmei E8-3D, a Glasses-Free 3D Tablet

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11 Jan, 2012 9:52 am


It is virtually impossible to tell you how good (or bad) a 3D content looks on 3D-capable 8 inch Gadmei E8-3D tablet, be it with glasses, or glasses-free, as in this case. Then, there’s an obvious consumer reluctance in switching to 3D all of their display devices, even if they can fall back to more convenient and cozy 2D without a hitch.

Gadmei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, is a Chinese company known for its small screen (7″ or 8″, or 8.5″) TVs. They also manufacture some Android tablet re-brands. When in portable 8″ shape, will 3D take consumers by the storm? I don’t know, I feel there’s not so much 3D content out there. “Real” 3D gaming might be questionable too.

However, for between claimed $149 and $199, it could be a good toy to stun a child. Or a cat.

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