Qualcomm GameCommander App Demo Running on Snapdragon S4 Reference Tablet [video]

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11 Jan, 2012 8:23 am


At PEPCOM Digital Experience, Sascha was able to catch a quick look at the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 reference tablet running the Qualcomm GameCommand app available starting today, Jan. 10, in the Android Market.

(photo credit: Qualcomm)

GameCommand is a free app that features games optimized specifically for Snapdragon smartphones and tablets. Users can check out trailers, read more about the apps, and use direct download links to the Android Market. It’s launching with 100 featured games, including Desert Winds, a stunning combat game that Sascha was able to demo in the hands-on video below.

Besides featuring games that take advantage of the Snapdragon platform and the Adreno GPU, GameCommand also has a section with mobile gaming news from popular news sites built into the app. It also lists all of the optimized games you already have installed on your device. GameCommand aims to be a one-stop shop for Snapdragon mobile gaming.

GameCommand seems quite similar to the NVIDIA Tegra Zone Android app, focusing on apps optimized for a given platform. It’s definitely a good thing for users so they can take full advantage of the hardware in their mobile devices.

Check out our hands-on video showing off the Snapdragon S4 reference tablet outputting 1080p HD video to an HDTV. It’s a very impressive demo for both the S4 platform and Snapdragon’s mobile gaming prowess.

YouTube Preview Image

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