Lenovo Medfield Z2460 Reference Design Tablet at CES 2012 [video]

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11 Jan, 2012 1:14 am


It’s day one of CES 2012! We are at the Intel booth and just saw a quick demo of the Lenovo Medfield Reference Design Tablet.

It’s a prototype showing off Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on the new Intel Atom Z2460 processor. Finally, Android running on the x86 platform!

The video below shows a quick look at the smooth graphics performance of the Lenovo reference design. The “Body” app allows the user to swipe to rotate the anatomic model of the human body, first showing off the muscular structure, and later switching to a view of just the skeletal structure. As Raj swiped at the display, it is clear that the tablet prototype had no problem rendering, displaying, and rotating the body model.

Intel produces these reference designs to demonstrate to OEMs what is possible if they want to use Intel’s technology for their own Android tablets. The prototype helps manufacturers lower device development costs and speed up time to market.

Check out the Lenovo reference design tablet in our demo video.

YouTube Preview Image

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