Intel Nikiski Ultrabook Prototype Shown at CES 2012 [video]

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10 Jan, 2012 1:59 am


At Intel’s CES press event this morning, they showed off a very interesting Ultrabook prototype called Nikiski.

It’s a clamshell Ultrabook with a huge transparent, double-sided Touchpad that runs the width of the Ultrabook below the keyboard. It can be used just as a regular touchpad to move the cursor. But when a user is typing and his wrists or palms are resting on the touchpad, palm rejection kicks in so the cursor isn’t moved accidentally.

But that’s not the impressive part of the Nikiski prototype. When the Nikiski is closed, the transparent touchpad allows the user to see and interact with information on their computer. This is called the Nikiski Reveal mode. Users can swipe through calendar info, news feeds, even surf webpages. Then when the Nikiski is opened, the computer resumes in the same context that the user was working in during Reveal mode. Nikiski Reveal mode looks like it works quite well thanks to the Metro-style UI tiles of Windows 8.

Check out our demo video below.

YouTube Preview Image

We also have a stage demo video for you to peruse:

YouTube Preview Image

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