ASUS Transformer Prime 1080p Youtube Playback [video]

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6 Jan, 2012 8:00 am


In the video below, Sascha’s showing off a quick demo of the ASUS Transformer Prime playing back YouTube videos via the Adobe Flash player that’s pre-installed. Running Flash 11.1, it looks like the Transformer Prime has no issues playing back HD content, even up to 1080p.

At first he loaded the Avatar trailer and played it back in 360p. Obviously no issues there. Moving up to 720p, there was absolutely no stuttering. Finally, he switched to 1080p and played back the rest of the trailer fullscreen, no problems, whatsoever! The Honeycomb, Tegra 3 set up of the Transformer Prime is more than up to the task to play Flash videos up to 1080p resolution, even in fullscreen.

Check out the video below to see the Transformer Prime’s performance for yourself.

YouTube Preview Image

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