Could Google-Branded Tablet Be 7-inch Competitor to Kindle Fire?

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5 Jan, 2012 4:30 pm


Late last December, Google’s Eric Schmidt gave an interview to an Italian newspaper, and the translation spawned a ton of stories about the tablet “of the highest quality” that Google is supposedly going to come out with this year. Basically, the rumor is that Google will come out with their own branded tablet, possibly fitting into the Nexus line of products, to compete against the iPad. But there were no real concrete details about it beyond the vague snippets from the Italian interview.

Now a story from DigiTimes says that perhaps instead of being a 10-inch tablet to compete with the iPad (and possibly stomp on other 10-inch tablets from Google partners like Samsung and ASUS), the upcoming Google tablet will actually be a 7-inch model to compete more with the Amazon Kindle Fire. Supposedly the tablet will come out in March or April, which is a little early if we consider the 6-month timeline that Eric Schmidt reportedly mentioned in the Italian interview. Six months from December is more in the June timeframe, but we’ll see.

The tablet is also rumored to have Ice Cream Sandwich on-board, which wouldn’t be a surprise, especially if the tablet is to fit into the Nexus device line. And to compete directly with the Kindle Fire, the 7-inch Google tablet would start at $199.

I think it would be great if this Google tablet came to fruition just as the rumor says. It would make sense for Google to offer a tablet counterpart to a Google Nexus flagship smartphone. But given the source is DigiTimes, let’s just agree for now not to hold our breath, or bet any significant amount of money on the rumor being 100% true.

Via DigiTimes

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  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking that Google will partner with Barns and Noble and take over the hardware that’s a loser proposition for them. I’m waiting for this unit as it’s likely worth the wait.