Intel Atom ‘Clover Trail W’ Windows 8 Tablets Launching End of 2012

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30 Dec, 2011 1:30 am


Intel has just started shipping its Cedar Trail Netbooks last week, which got them in under the wire for making their 2012 time frame.  Now that they’ve finally gotten that out of the way, its time for speculation on when their next generation processors are going to be released.  Currently Oak Trail tablets haven’t really gained much of a foothold mainly due to their slightly thicker profile, heat issues and well crap battery life.

I would like to throw in here that I’m currently testing the Kupa X11 Windows tablet and with its 5200mAh battery I’m seeing over 10 hours of battery life and its only slightly heavier than my Motorola Xoom.  So its clear that though that’s not a tragic form factor it’s clear that Oak Trail is just catching up to early generation Android Tegra 2 tablets.

Medfield smartphones and tablets will be hitting the streets in the first half of 2012 and in the second half of 2012 we’re going to be seeing Windows 8 tablets running Clover Trail W processors.  Clover Trail W is meant to successor to Medfield.

We first saw Intel show off a Moorsetown smartphone at CES 2010, so we’ve been waiting an extremely long time for Intel to join the smartphone and tablet space, we hope that they’ve finally broken the ice their updates are going to come as fast and furious as sources at Digitimes predict.  The above roadmap from Intel does actually indicate that a new generation of Atom processors heading our way in the second half of 2012.

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