0.68″ thick LG X300 Hands on at Computex 2010

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14 Jun, 2010 4:00 pm

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Cramming 11.6-inches of screen and premium netbook parts (2GHz Atom Z550, HDMI out, up to 2GB of RAM and 128GB SSD, even some 3G and Bluetooth for good measure) into a 0.68-inch thick form factor is impressive. Getting your hands on it the first thing you’ll notice is that the plastic build feels very solid, and the textured pattern on the lid feels sleek and stylish not cheap. The keyboard doesn’t offer much flex as its so thin there is nowhere to go. The big question mark about the unit is the trackpad: it’s nice and big, but there’s a “virtual” click mechanism where you tap to click the button portion and get a haptic response. Feels cool but at the end of the day would be pretty pricey to repair if anything went wrong and since its electrical there is a higher chance.

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