Kindle Fire: Don’t Want Your Kids to Have Access to Your Credit Card?

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24 Dec, 2011 4:52 am


The Kindle Fire is going to be a very popular gift this holiday season and many parents will soon realize that in order to download any apps, you have to have a credit card attached to the account. As of yet there are no parent controls limiting the types of apps or how much money can be spent on the credit card and the prospect of letting your child loose no matter how well behaved just isn’t in something many parents will be comfortable with.

Some parents have actually returned the Kindle Fire because of this issue.  There is no way to get around the credit card unless you completely wipe the Kindle operating system and replace it with stock Android so you can have access to Android’s Marketplace.  This is a solution that is only viable for those who are very tech savy, the rest of us have but one choice, a Pre-Paid Credit Card.  If you get a special prepaid credit card just for the account you’ll be able to control spending since the child is limited to the amount on the card and the option is added  that Amazon gift cards can now be spent.

Sorry I don’t have any special trick or work around, but so far on the Kindle Fire forum’s this is the best suggestion.  If you have another way please let me know, we’re always keen to find out what solutions are out there.

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