Apple May Lose Fight in Germany Against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N

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23 Dec, 2011 5:45 am


As you may know, Apple has been feuding legally with Samsung over Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices, especially the 10.1, due to design cues that Apple claims looks extremely similar to the iPad/iPad 2. Samsung created an update to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 called the Galaxy Tab 10.1N that they hoped would be different enough to sell in Germany.

Apple didn’t seem to think the Galaxy Tab 10.1N tablet was different enough, so they filed another complaint against Samsung. However it seems that this time around Apple may not win against Samsung. A preliminary statement from German judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann seems to indicate that she is satisfied that the Galaxy Tab 10.1N is different enough from the iPad to prevent confusion among consumers. The 10.1N has thicker edges, front-facing speakers, and a large Samsung label front and center.

A ruling for the complaint against the Galaxy Tab 10.1N is scheduled for February 9, so the judgment isn’t finalized yet, but it seems like things are turning around for Samsung in this case.

Via Boy Genius Report, Source: Business Week

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