CPT Transflective Display Comparable to Pixel Qi

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9 Jun, 2010 7:15 pm


Display Taiwan was in full effect today and there were a few gems on the show floor that we uncovered, the first that we found the most intriguing was a tranflective display that was extremely similar to Pixel Qi.

Here is what we know about the CPT screen so far, it offers 1366 x 768 screen resolution with a pixel pitch of 0.16305 x 0.16305, color gamut of 60% MTSC, 200 brightness, a contrast ratio of 400, reflectivity of 5 and viewing angle of 170/170. This is all a little techy even for me so what is important to note is the wide viewing angle, power savings and that it is sunlight readable.

We are still waiting on exact TPD numbers but said that it will draw 50% less power. Comparted to Pixel Qi this isn’t that great since their screen draws 0.5 when the backlight is off.

The biggest difference between CPT and Pixel Qi is that CPT is a display manufacturer so they do not have to find someone to make their product. The rumors around Taiwan have been that Pixel Qi is having trouble finding a fab, Pixel Qi says they have the means to produce, but the proof is in the pudding and we wait for either company to come to market in products. We really do hope this happens soon as we need a solution for computing outdoors.

I will update this article with the TDP for the CPT screen when i get it, but for a comparison here is the Pixel Qi video we did comparing this display to AMOLED screen on the Nexus One.

*** UPDATE***
The total Module Power of a normal 10.1″ transmissive LCD panel is about 3.2 watts,
where the Backlight Power is 2.2 watts and panel signal power is 1 watt.

Not quite as low as Pixel Qi but the numbers aren’t bad.

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