Dell Drops Netbooks, Productivity Sheds a Tear

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16 Dec, 2011 7:29 am


Looks like Dell has thrown in the towel on netbooks, if you go to their site and search for the Dell Mini 9, 10 or Duo you’ll discover that Dell’s netbook line up is no longer available. If you try to search for any of their 10 inch line up no results are found.

It’s a sad day that Dell has quietly made their netbooks unavailable to consumers but it appears that the businesses are still in luck and able to grab the Dell Latitude 2120. However, with a starting price of $469 they aren’t exactly easy on the budget.

When you search for the Inspiron 910, you get this note:

Not skipping a beat we’re seeing a pretty strange message in considering people use netbooks for their portability and low cost. Dell is suggesting a 14R Inspiron which is 14 inches which really doesn’t make sense since its considerably heavier and more expensive.

The product page for the Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 shows that the product is unavailable.

The Verge received confirmation from Dell that the company will no longer be making 10 inch and smaller netbooks. That means we won’t be seeing any new models with Intel Atom Cedar Trail chips either.

Via Liliputing

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  • Anonymous

    Not surprised. I have long suspected the netbooks of eating into margins in the more lucrative ultraportable ranges. Thing is that for many corporations, the improvements in mobile technology have meant that a laptop is more a mobile terminal to the home office network then a stand alone work environment. And so the netbook demonstrated how much one could save by going with cheaper cpus and such. But that shaved off what may well have been the last high margin computing sector, the ultraportable laptop. With the advent of the ultrabook, that sector returns in force.

  • Jordan Hoffman

    Lol. Inspiron 14R is the next best thing? That’s like saying “Our styrofoam is no longer available. Shop the next best thing – cement blocks, a stylish portable alternative.”