Flex Lighting LED Film Lets You Use Your eReader in the Dark

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15 Dec, 2011 4:00 pm

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Flex Lighting has developed a new front light LED film that is part of a new lighting system that promises to bring nighttime reading to E Ink displays everywhere. Flex Lighting’s setup is rather simple, consisting of nothing more than a single LED and a thin layer of film, laminated onto a device’s reflective screen.

At a thickness of just 50 micron, the film essentially acts as a light guide, spreading the LED’s beams across a reader’s display and creating a “soft glow”. The folks over at the eBook Reader managed to get their hands on a brief demo video:

YouTube Preview Image

Via Engadget ,The eBook Reader  Source Flex Lighting

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  • Jordan Hoffman

    Me like dis. Now i hav to lern to reed beter.