Higher-Res Laptops to Be 2012 Trend?

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15 Dec, 2011 6:00 am


Care to speculate on computing trends for 2012? We already know that Ultrabooks will likely be trending up next year thanks to the upcoming availability of Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor. Companies like HP and Dell are reported to be releasing their own Ultrabook models next year, likely to show at CES 2012. Also, with the availability of Ice Cream Sandwich, and newer mobile processors like NVIDIA’s Tegra 3, we’re probably going to see an explosion of new Android tablets.

Now DigiTimes is reporting that MacBook Pros with Retina Display-like resolutions of 2880 x 1800 could be on the way, starting Q2 of 2012. Additionally, companies like Acer and ASUS are looking to differentiate their Ultrabook models from the rest of the pack by offering HD display resolutions of 1920 x 1080 instead of the typical 1366 x 768 that has been used by all Ultrabook models up to now.

Given this information, we could be looking at the next trend in laptops, offering much higher-resolution displays now that newer processors are able to drive them. Samsung and Apple already seem to be moving toward higher-resolution displays for their next-generation tablets. Samsung is supposedly planning to release an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet with an 11.6″ screen and 2560 x 1600 resolution in February. Apple’s iPad 3 is rumored to arrive in spring 2012, around March or April, with a Retina Display upgrade (exact resolution unknown). So if this is happening in mobile-OS tablets, it’s not surprising that the trend would propagate to laptops as well.

Via DigiTimes

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  • rabs

    Wow, what a waste of pixels -> processing resources -> battery life & money.
    Hope this trend will stay marginal.

  • Not subtle at all

    Maybe they are working on getting 2880×1800 manufactured en masse, but them being available in 2012? pfffft
    I guarantee that this is pretty much bullshit.

    Another case of rumors = news

  • Wolfchen

    Intel Next Generation Processor Haswell Demo at IDF 2011

    15 Sep, 2011 6:53 am 0 Comments and 0 Reactions
    Haswell microarchitecture uses the same 22nm process CPUs as Ivy Bridge. It would reduce the power consumption in Ultrabooks by 20x as compared to current designs thus providing ten days of connected standby by 2013.…In 2012-14, computers will have much high resolution, along with days of battery life and 2 second start-up times. 

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