Amazon Kindle Fire OTA Software Update Coming in Two Weeks

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13 Dec, 2011 7:30 am


The Amazon Kindle Fire has been a popular, fast-selling tablet, mainly thanks to its $199 price and vast Amazon ecosystem backing it up. However, there have been some performance issues with Wi-Fi and touchscreen/UI responsiveness, marring the user experience. As a result, an over-the-air software update to resolve some of these issues is said to be coming in a couple weeks.

One of the main fixes listed is the ability to edit your carousel menu to remove unwanted or “embarrassing” items (okay…). Vaguely, the other fixes just reference multitouch functionality and performance fixes.

Apparently several users are so irritated with the Kindle Fire’s performance problems that they’re just returning the device and posting negative reviews on Amazon to boot. While Amazon says the Kindle Fire is their best-selling device, they still shy away from giving concrete sales figures, and more importantly, numbers on devices returned. Despite the mixed reviews, it seems that Amazon is still on track to sell millions of the Kindle Fire in the next few months.

There’s still the lingering rumor that a new version of the Kindle Fire (the so-called “real” Kindle tablet) will be released in the spring. But given the negative reviews the Kindle Fire has been getting, it would be a slap in the face to current Kindle Fire owners if Amazon really did release the Kindle Fire “2.0″ only a few months after the original one went on sale.

Via Ars Technica, source: New York Times

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